A Gentleman’s Dignity

A Gentleman’s Dignity

I decided to watch k-dramas this sem break and the first drama I watched was AGD. It was fun to watch coz I was seriously laughing most of the time. I super love the first scene in each episode, which are normally events that happened to the 4 men in the past. Hee. I just finished watching it last night and I’m watching it again today. Skipping scenes here and there. Watching some scenes over and over again. Especially the Yoon-Meahri parts. (Out of the 4 couples, they’re just the cutest. Haha!) I don’t really care about the big age difference okay. They’re just so cute together. ♥ On that note, I saw this (the link above) online. Kim Min Jong and Yoon Jin Yi. Ermahgerd. ♥



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