Hello Hair


(5. January 2012)


(7. January 2012)


(3. February 2012)


(12. February 2012)

I terribly miss my looooong hair and side bangs. 😦 Unfortunately, mom doesn’t want me to have side bangs again and my hair’s taking too long to grow back to the length I want. I’ve been dying to do stuff to my hair again, like I used to. It’s been 8 months since I had my hair cut really short. *sigh* I don’t have enough time to grow it before my cousin’s wedding on December. 😦


#nowplaying Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran

P.S. Love my mom for buying Ruffles Sour Cream & Onion for me but I’m craving for Arce Dairy‘s vanilla or pistachio ice cream. </3

P.P.S. I wasn’t happy with Jangnanseureon Kiss. I fast forwarded a lot of scenes. The series kinda pissed me off. I watched A Gentleman’s Dignity before that, and I just want to say that AGD’s much better. Kim Hyun Joong is cute though. ♥


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