Happy Halloween!

 It’s the first time we attended the Halloween Party in the subdivision and we actually went there because of the food. We all love Shakey’s okay. Hahaha! But I think it’s because of Cassie. We finally have a reason to attend events like that. So here she is in her Tinkerbell costume. ♥




(top, L-R) ate Sandy (cousin), Cassie, mom, (bottom, L-R) me, sisImage

ImageLove these photos of Cassie and me. ♥

It’s so fun being a kid and I really miss being one. Don’t have as many problems as I do now. 😦 Anyways, Happy Halloween guys! (Even though it’s only the 27th. Haha!)


P.S. When I was a kid, I looked like Cassie. Hahaha! Put my photos and her photos together and you’d think we were one person. Hahaha!

P.P.S. I’m waiting for my download to finish. Darn the files being big. 13.6GB 😦 I wanna watch Athena: Goddess of War already. Change of genre now because I think I’ve watched to much drama this sem break. Hahaha!

#nowwatching The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King on HBO. Legolas! ♥

Photos (c) Anne Fernando


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