Yesterday was the 40th day of my cousin’s death and it was almost All Souls’ Day so we went to Ascension to visit his remains and those of my grandpa, uncle and aunt-in-law in the morning. After that, I went to SM Megamall with my cousin and sis to buy candy and do stuff while waiting for my cousin’s cousin* to finish his work at his internship. He was gonna treat** us to dinner! 🙂 We all met at my aunt’s office and when it was 5 PM, we left for Little Tokyo. We first went to Shinjuku for Wantan Ramen, Chashu Ramen and Spicy Tempura Maki. Afterwards, we went to Kagura for some Okonomiyaki. I really loved Kagura because the place looked like the restaurants in Japan. We sat at the counter so we got to watch them make our food. We tried the Chicken Skin and the Tuna. Both were good but we all liked the Tuna more. 🙂 (Photos of the food are at my sister’s blog)


Me, cousinImage

 Cousin’s cousin, sis


 Little Tokyo, Makati


While in the car after dinner, my cousin suddenly asked if we wanted to go to Tagaytay. I said I wanted to, and so did my sister and my cousin’s cousin. We actually did go. It was the first time my sis and I went to somewhere a little far without our mom and her consent. Hahaha! It kind of seemed like we only went to Tagaytay for coffee. LOL. The roadtrip was really fun and we all said we want to do it again. 🙂Image


 Just something to remember this day 🙂Image







*My sister and I are our cousin’s maternal cousins while Aaron’s his paternal cousin.

**Around 1-2 years ago, he said he’ll treat us for his birthday but he never got to do it. It was about time for him to do it. Loooong overdue. Hahaha!

P.S. I wish I bought more of this. It’s so good! </3

ImageOne Piece Devil Fruit gummies



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