*Very late blog post. Pfft.*

Last Wednesday (November 7) was the last day of my sem break. What’s the best thing to do on a day like that? Of course I went out with my girls! ♥ (In the photo: Cass, Arianne, me) I haven’t seen these two in a VERY long time, especially Arianne, so I was really happy that we finally saw each other. ♥

The first thing I did that day was go to UP really early to pay my tuition. It was really quick compared to the previous times I payed so I went home to drop my things, brought the stuff I needed and went to Arianne’s home. I missed her mom too, so I really wanted to go there. ♥ Around 12PM, tita Mhel dropped us off at Glorietta and we ate lunch at World Chicken. Cass arrived around 30 minutes after we finished with lunch. We decided to watch a film but we can’t choose between Wreck-It Ralph and Suddenly It’s Magic. I told them we should just go watch both. Problem solved. Hahaha! We went to Cassie’s home for dinner and stayed there until 10 something.




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