College Best Friend ♥

College Best Friend ♥

7.30 AM, I arrived at the station. They weren’t letting people go inside because there are already a lot of people on the platform. 7.45 AM, they started letting us in. 8.00 AM, I got on the SIXTH northbound train. 8.15 AM, I arrived at Quezon Avenue station. There were no jeeps to UP so I had to wait in line. 8.25, I got on a jeep. I arrived at the Film building at 8.45 AM. My class was 8.30 AM but I guess I was lucky that it was the first meeting. Profs are usually late on first meetings. Whew! I was so pissed off this morning because of the train ride that when my prof was doing a roll call, I heard him say “Bacud”. That’s the surname of one of my really close friends (and uncommon, I think) so I looked at the person who raised her hand and it was a pleasant surprise to see Jenica, one of my closest friends in UP. ♥ We talked a lot after class (because first meetings end really early) and took a picture to tease our other close friend Claire. Hahaha! >:)

So I have one person I don’t want to see in my major class and one person I really want to see in my Film 100 class. Oh well. At least it’s evened out.



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