When I make my schedule for the semester, I make sure that I start early and end early because I really hate going home late via public transportation. Unfortunately for me, my major subject (German 12-13) had only one schedule and it was TWThF, 4.00-5.30PM. I posted my 2nd semester schedule last week, and I had a REALLY long break every Tuesday and Friday. But during our first meeting last Thursday, my prof (who was my German 10 prof too, BTW) asked us if it was fine to change our schedule to WThF, 4.00-6.00PM since she will be unable to meet us on Tuesdays. (I’m assuming it’s because of her class schedule, since she’s taking up Law in the university while teaching.) It’s still going to be 6 hours a week. University rule! 🙂 We all said it was fine. It was REALLY fine for me because I can say goodbye to my 4.5-hour break every Tuesday. ♥

So today, we had our first discussion. (We had no class last Friday) Because I already know how my prof handles the class, I really prepared for the class. Like, I started preparing last Thursday the moment I got home. Hahaha! My prof even commented on my being prepared because I kept reciting, especially when no one’s answering anymore. She said, “bakit parang si Frau Fernando lang ang gumawa ng assignment niya?” (Why does it seem like only Ms. Fernando did her assignment?) I have to admit, I was really happy when she said that. I really am exerting a lot of effort for this class, okay. I really enjoyed the class that I didn’t notice that 2 hours had already passed. I wanted to extend. Hahaha! Well, I’m very excited for tomorrow’s class! ♥



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