(Belated) Happy Birthday to me! ♥

Last Wednesday (5. December), I celebrated my twentieth birthday. I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I’M TWENTY. So I keep telling everyone who asks how old I am, “I’m twenTEEN.” Besides, a lot of them can’t believe I’m 20. One of my classmates assumed I was 18, so she was really surprised when I told her my age. Hahaha!

On that day, I missed my first class because I woke up late. I was also lazy to go to school that early. >:) So my first class (for that day only) was Comm100. I asked permission from my prof to leave class a bit early because I ordered a dozen cupcakes (6 Red Velvet and 6 Tiramisu cupcakes) from, of course, Frosted Desserts (Facebook, Twitter) and it was delivered to UP. Obviously had to meet up before class starts. Those cupcakes were for my German 12-13 prof, classmates and ME! I was so happy because they loved both the flavors, especially the Tiramisu. ♥


After class, I met up with ze family at SM North EDSA for dinner. We went to Dimsum Break (Facebook, Twitter) because of their Steamed Rice. You may think, “What’s so special about steamed rice?” Well, it’s not just rice that was steamed, okay? It has a special sauce that’s really yummy. We loved eating Steamed Rice from Harbor City but their only branch is at Cebu. THAT’S JUST SO FAR. So when we found out that the owner of Harbor City started Dimsum Break here in Manila, WE JUST HAD TO GO THERE. I was definitely not disappointed. I could finally eat my favorite food whenever I want and it’s just one jeep ride away from the university. ♥



Steamed Rice. I could eat 10 bowls of this. Or more. SERIOUSLY. That’s how much I love it.


Fried Wanton OMG why do you taste so good?


I’m carrying the box with only 2 cupcakes left inside. Hahahaha!Image

I kind of look like a lost kid here. Hahaha!

Today, meanwhile, was a VERY STRESSFUL DAY. I cannot express in words how stressed I was. I had to to school work and stuff for my cousin’s wedding tomorrow. But oh well, tomorrow’s a special day. This weekend’s goona be great! ♥


Hello bangs! ♥


P.S. I only got to write again today because I’ve been so busy the whole week. 😐 3 straight days of going home late. Ugh.


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