It’s Saturday! I can’t believe the first week (well, first 2 days) of classes in the Uni is over.

It has been a great week because the enrollment did not stress me out so much. I got 12 units during the preenlistment online, so I still had to fall in line for one subject (3.0 units) for me to get the minimum number of units. Last Tuesday, I was in UP at around 6AM and I was first in line for EL 50. Hahahaha! I got the line around 8AM when they started letting students in the enlistment rooms. :> I finished everything I had to do by 9AM. Ngayon lang uli ako nakapag-enroll nang mabilis! 

First day of classes was Thursday. As expected my profs didn’t come. I don’t know why my French prof didn’t come to class (maybe she was still advising some students for enrollment) but my German prof told me she had to advise MA students and had to attend a meeting after. It’s almost always like that on the first day — profs don’t really come to class. There are even some profs who don’t come to class on the first week! Haha! But I met all of my profs yesterday. I was surprised to see that my adviser for enrollment was my French prof. My German prof? I knew she was going to teach that class. I was so excited for this class because she has been my prof in my German 11 subject and I loved her. ♥ I also knew who my EL 50 prof was going to be. Pretty excited for this class too. Hihihi. 😀

I really love my schedule this sem. I have 1.5-hour breaks every after subject. If I have 2 subjects with exams on the same day, it won’t be a problem since I have time to rest my brain and review a little. Hihihi. Aaaaanyway, schönes Wochenende! ♥



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