Today, 12. June, is the Philippine Independence Day. Naturally, it’s a holiday. I expected it to be a day for me to just relax, but when I checked my e-mail around 10PM last night, I saw the request to be an author for our EL 50 class blog. It was a good thing that I checked the blog out because it turns out, that’s where our prof will announce stuff like our assignments. To my surprise (it wasn’t pleasant at all), our prof posted last 9. June about our TWO assignments due on 12. June 2013, 13.00. I panicked the first few minutes after I saw those 2 posts, then I thought of what I should do: finish both of them immediately or do them the next day. I really wanted to do nothing on Independence Day (INDEPENDENCE FROM ASSIGNMENTS FOR A DAY PLEASE!) so I started writing the “Who Am I” essay. I finished after 1hr20min, then went straight to the 2nd assignment. I read and summarized within 2hrs30min. It’s 2.30AM now and I’m just so happy that I’m done and I can finally sleep. ❤




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