My family and my friends call me Chippy or Chips. You can call me either of those 2 or Cille. I’m 20. I’m (still) studying at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. I’m taking up BA European Languages. In my spare time, I prefer reading books. I just love travelling to other worlds (in my mind).

On the 20th of October, I started blogging again. I blog about random stuff, whatever I want to share. I rant a lot, so don’t be surprised if I have blog posts that are full of complaints. I can’t blog everyday because I’m kinda busy with school on weekdays. I usually blog once every weekend.

I shifted during the first semester of 2012 to my current course, BA European Languages, because I decided to make a living out of my love of foreign languages. My major is German and my minor is French. I love listening to music. I make sure I listen to music♬ everyday. I’m a very big fan of a band called The Cab. Also, I prefer J-pop over K-pop. I love KAT-TUN. I love to eat, especially sweet stuff. Actually, I love eating unhealthy stuff. I also love helping out at a desserts shop called Frosted Desserts ♡ (Facebook, Twitter). They make the best cupcakes EVER.

My only regret is having regrets ♥


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